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Happy Anniversary AWS!

June 15, 2017

This June marks 20 years since Alaska Winter Stars was established. Thank you to all the athletes past and present and parents for supporting our vision for this club throughout the past 2 decades. I created AWS out of my passion for the sport of cross country skiing in the hope that I could pass on this passion and enthusiasm onto future generations of athletes. I am so incredibly proud of all that this program has accomplished not just in creating exceptional athletes who compete and dominate at national and international levels but exceptional young people who go on to become pillars in their community. I have been fortunate to watch kids develop from young athletes, to seasoned competitors, college students and grads and beyond. Many of them returning here to Alaska where they became active members of our community who continue to support the ski culture and many passing their enthusiasm for the sport onto their own children. Thank you all for your commitment and dedication and here's to another 20 years!

-Jan B

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