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Younger Juniors

       For Ages: 10-14

Alaska Winter Stars provides year-round programs for younger juniors from the first-timer to precocious kid already looking forward to racing the older juniors in Besh Cup races. Our main objective is to provide year-round professional training for cross country skiers and to improve not only their skiing level but also to provide physical education and activities in addition to junior sport programs at school. An active lifestyle is important for young people to develop good motor skills, mobility and flexibility, and exercise their cardiovascular system. Cross-country skiing provides an exercise for all major muscle groups, and it is one of the most beneficial forms of sports activity. For some athletes, our program will be just a fun form of sport activity in their daily life, and for some it will be in pursuit of a more serious cross-country career.  Alaska Winter Star younger junior athletes have developed into some of the best athletes in our nation! Gus Schumacher,Tyler Kornfield, Amy Glen, Molly Gellert, Max and Lex Treinen, Scott and Caitlin Patterson are a few examples of AWS younger juniors who have turned into the best junior, collegiate, and now professional skiers in the United States.  Many of our other athletes who began as younger juniors turned into top collegiate rowers, professional triathletes, mountain bikers, even world-class Ultimate Frisbee players!  The coordination, fitness, strength, teamwork, and work ethic our athletes learn in the younger juniors program propels them towards being lifelong athletes and hard workers in all aspects of their lives in the future.


      At Alaska Winter Stars we know our athletes are interested in a wide variety of athletic endeavors and we support everyone equally, even if Nordic skiing is secondary to other sports.  We are happy to work with everyone, even if your child can only participate a few times per week; however, for athletes to get the most out of their workouts and feel they are improving at a high rate, AWS encourages our young skiers to participate 4-5 days per week.  For those playing other sports in the “off season” we would like to see all of our athletes rollerskiing at least once a week through the Summer and Fall months.  The ski-specific balance and coordination of rollerskis will make skiing skills on snow easier and much more fun!  Above all, Alaska Winter Stars makes sure to foster a fun and safe environment, with professional coaches who are as eager and excited to show up to a workout as your child!



  • Training 3-5 times a week,

  • Year-round coaching support

  • Development of technique and skills

  • Sport education

  • Improvement of motor coordination

  • Race support

    The main goal of our younger junior program is to provide beneficial and fun sport activities for children who enjoy physical activities.


2024-2025 Sessions and prices

All Year around (April 15-March 31) -Price $2500 (check), $2548 (Venmo:@alaskawinterstars
Including; Spring, Summer, Transition, Fall, Winter Session/ Besh Cup race Support  / Training monitoring

Spring Session (April 15-May 26)  - Price $400 (check), $408 (Venmo)
4-5 workouts per week /Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday Friday 5-6:30PM / Training monitoring

Summer Session  (May 29-Aug 11) - Price $725 (check), $740 (Venmo)
5 workouts per week / Monday -Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday 5-6:30PM / Training monitoring

Transition Session (Aug 15-Oct 30) -  Price $75 (check), $77 (Venmo)
3 workouts per week / Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday 5:30-6:45PM

Fall Session (Aug 26-Oct 27) -  Price $550 (check), $561(Venmo)
4-5 workouts per week  Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday 5:30-7PM

Winter Session (Oct 26--March 30) - Price $1320 (check), $1345 (Venmo)
3-5 workouts per week  5:30-6:45PM / Race support / Training monitoring 

Family (3) -All Sessions (April 17-March 28) - Price $5600 (check), $5707 (Venmo)*

* Family (3) Year around payments option: The payment can be split into two payments, the first $3600 (Check) $3669 if using Venmo:@alaskawinterstars  is due before the first day of practice (April 15th) and the second $2000 ($2040 by Venmo) due September 15th.  $700 (check) / $714 (Venmo) each additional person 

2024 Summer Camps 
Eklutna camp #1 (June-18-20)
Eklutna Camp # 2 (Aug11-13)

We will email to you the camp info and registration form 3 weeks before our camps.
To be eligible for camp, you have to be registered for all year around or the current session
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