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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have to try-out to become a member of Alaska Winter Stars?

No, but all member should have a love of cross country skiing and be dedicated to year-round training.

Do you have to be a racer?

No, but most members do participate in races when they occur. The ages of members range from ten through adult.

Where is practice today?

Check the Alaska Winter Stars hotline daily at 349-3469.  The message is usually updated by 8 AM.

When do you get Alaska Winter Stars logo gear?

Send an e-mail message to Jan at

How can I help with races?

Parents are needed to help set up the wax room and to clean    it up at the end of the race. Anchorage races are run by the Nordic Ski Association of Anchorage. To volunteer call the NSAA office at 276-7609 or to

Why do we raise funds?

We raise funds to assist athletes who travel to junior and senior national races, to assist members who may not be able to afford the AWS fees and to generally support the needs of competitive athletes.

How long do the workouts last?

During the school year, usually 1.25 hours for younger juniors,1.5 hours for intermediate & older juniors. On weekends or non-school days, workouts will frequently be 2 hours. Jan will usually mention longer workouts on the hotline.

Why do I have to keep a log?

Being fit is a process.  Keeping a log helps you keep track of    how you are doing.  It shows you that you are going somewhere— making progress.  The log is not for comparison with other people, rather it tracks your own progress.

Where do we go for practice?

There are three main locations, plus a few variations. 1. Hillside Park: The Abbott Road entrance to Hillside Park,        1-1/2 mile past Service High.

2. Service High: Drive to the back portion of Service High, next to the track area.

Kincaid:  main locations include the Chalet, the Bunker, and the Water Tower. All are located at the east end of Raspberry road. The chalet is the windowed building, the bunker is the cement building, and the water tower is a little hard to find the first time—from the Chalet, take the trail that leads toward the stadium and turn left at the bottom of the sledding hill. 

What did I wish I had known when I first started AWS?

1. I wish I had known that people have separate classic and skate skis.

2.  I wish I had known about classic roller skis.

3. Change tips on rollerski poles.

4. The people in this group are committed to hard work.

5. I wish I understood Jan better—the first time he said four sets of 12 push ups, I thought he said 20 push ups.

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