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Winter Minimum Gear:

  • One pair of classic skis

  • One pair of skate skis

  • One set of classic poles

  • One set of skate poles

  • Boots (skate and Classic)

Before you buy:
The correct ski and poles must fit your weight and height >>
Please ask coaches for advice.  AMH and Barney's have experts to help you buy the best fitting skis for you. See the size chart in the  web site. It is crucial that you have skis that fit YOUR height/weight and poles that fit YOUR height for both classic and skate techniques.

Some local stores, like  AMH and Barney's, offer team discounts if you tell them you're on a high school team. You can also ask for last year's models. Excellent equipment can be purchased used from racers around town -- at ski swaps, bulletin boards, on the web site, ask around!

Other Items:
Synthetic cork, kick waxes for practice--for temps ranging from -10 F to 35 F. Bring these waxes EVERY day since the skiing schedule may vary from the calendar from time to time.  You are responsible for waxing during the week at home.

Winter Mandatory Dress:

  • No Hat, No Gloves, No Practice

  • Wool or Synthetic socks - Just say NO to cotton!

  • Water Bottle and Holster/Carrier - keeping hydrated is a must!

Other Necessary Gear:

  • Long Underwear polypropylene to wick moisture from body

  • Wind proof front-Warm-up Pants

  • Jacket & Vest

  • Buff (neckwrap)

  • Wind briefs (boys) an essential item for practice and races, buy right away--AMH, Barneys, Skinny Raven, REI, etc.

Label everything with your name and phone number!

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