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 Masters-MD Group

Alaska Winter Stars provides masters and seniors from recreational skiers looking to improve basic technique and fitness, to elite skiers racing every weekend or hoping to top their Tour of Anchorage age class. Our main objective is to provide year-round professional training for cross country skiers and to improve not only their skiing level but also strength, conditioning, and mobility within the context of Nordic skiing. An active lifestyle is important for seniors and masters to stay in good shape, extend mobility of joints, and exercise their cardiovascular system. Cross-country skiing provides an exercise for all major muscle groups, and it is one of the most beneficial forms of sports activity. For some athletes, our program will be just a fun form of sport activity in their daily life, and for some it will be in pursuit of a more serious cross-country result goals. Whatever the reason, we will assist you in reaching your goals and we hope that you find our program fulfilling.  We are also available for waxing assistance and race support for most local races


Program Options


Mid-Day Group: The Senior/Masters Mid-Day group meets from 12-1pm on Tuesday and Thursdays.  In the Spring, Summer, and Fall we focus on strength, balance, and coordination through running and bounding with ski poles and a circuit strength routine.  During the winter the Mid-Day group skis both in the classic and skate techniques at Hillside Park.


Evening Group: Alaska Winter Stars has and is currently producing Nationally recognized Master Skiers!  Our evening group is a great place for skiers of all abilities looking to push the envelope a bit to reach their athletic goals.  The Evening Masters Group generally does strength and running with ski poles or hillbounding Mondays and Wednesdays, rollerskiing Tuesdays and Friday, and a Saturday morning “Over-Distance” workout.  We would like to offer this 5x per week program to everyone; even if you do not want to rollerski we can arrange alternate supervised workouts, please email us if you would like to hear more about this option.

Mid-Day Group +Evening: 2 Mid-day workouts + 1 additional evening circuit workout at Kincaid Annex (3 days option)



·        Workouts 4-5 times a week

·        Year round coaching and racing support

·        Technique and skill development and improvement

·        Video analysis

·        Endurance and strength improvement

    Our goal is to encourage a healthy lifestyle by staying active and provide a fun social environment.

2023-2024  Masters / Evening group / or mix Ev/MD group

All Year around (April 17-March 1) - Price $2000 (check), $2040 (Venmo)
Including: all session / race support / training monitoring / Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday Thursday Friday and some Saturday Monday-Friday 6:30-8PM Saturday 9-11 Winter time 10-12 PM / Training monitoring

Spring Session (April 17-May 26) - Price $360 (check), $370 (Venmo)
4 workouts per week Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-6:30-8PM, 

Summer Session (May30-Aug 25-Price $700 (check), $715 (Venmo)
4 workouts per week Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday 6:30-8PM , some Saturdays 9-11AM 
Fall Session (Aug 28-Oct 27) - Price $500 (check), $510 (Venmo)
4-5 workouts per week Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday 6:30-8PM , some Saturdays 9-11AM 

Winter Session (Oct 30--March 1)-Price $1000 (check), $1020 (Venmo)
4 workouts per week / Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday Thursday and some Saturday. Monday-Thursday 6:30-8PM/ Race support /Training Monitoring

Family (3) (Apr17-March 27)- Price $4950(check), $5050 (Venmo)*
Including all session/ race support / Training monitoring
* Family (3) Year around payments option: The payment can be split into two payments, the first $2950 (or $3000 if using Venmo) is due before the first day of practice (April 18) and the second $2000 ($2050 with Venmo) due September 15th.  $600 (check) / $612 (Venmo) each additional person

2023-2024  Mid-Day Group

Spring Session (April 17-May 26 -Price $215 (check), $220 (Venmo)
Tuesday-Thursday 12-1PM  

Summer Session (May 30-Aug 25) - Price $425 (check), $435 (Venmo)
Tuesday-Thursday 12-1PM
Summer Session -with Circuit (May 30-Aug 25) - Price $635 (Check), $650 (Venmo)
Tuesday-Wednesday (Circuit-6:30PM)-Thursday

Fall Session -with Circuit (Aug 29- Oct 26) - Price $320 (check), $325 (Venmo)
Tuesday-Thursday 12-1PM
Fall Session-with Circuits (Aug 29-Oct 25) - Price $390 (check), $400 (Venmo)
Tuesday-Wednesday (Circuit-6:30PM)-Thursday 12-1PM
Winter-1 (Oct 31-Dec 23) - Price $320 (check), $327 (Venmo)
Tuesday-Wednesday -Thursday 12-1PM
Winter -1 with Circuit (Oct 31-Dec-22) - Price $430 (check), $439 (Venmo)
Tuesday-Wednesday (Circuit-6:30PM)
-Thursday 12-1PM / Race support

Winter-2 (Jan 10- March 2) - Price $320 (check), $327 (Venmo)
Tuesday-Thursday 12-1PM 
Winter-2 -With Circuit (Jan 9-Feb 29) - Price $400 (check), $408 (Venmo)
Tuesday 12-1PM -Wednesday Circuit-Thursday 12-1PM / Race support

All Year Around -MD-  Price $1250 (check), $1275 (Venmo)
-Thursday 12-1PM / Race support
All Year Around-MD with Circuit -  Price $1750 (check), $1785 (Venmo)

Tuesday-Wednesday (Circuit-6:30PM or Zoom str)-Thursday 12-1PM / Race support




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