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Alaska Winter Stars was established in 1997 by Jan Buron, a former member of the Polish National Cross Country Ski Team. The idea for AWS came from Jan's extensive experience in athletic development. He believed that athletes who want to compete at the top level must begin their training as children and participate in a year-round program with the same group of coaches. It takes years of training and dedication to master the skills and develop the strength of a champion and shortages of year-round programs in the United States and especially Alaska often leave young athletes and masters without adequate training.


At AWS we believe that having fun and enjoying the process of becoming fit is the key to a lifetime of health and wellness. Along with developing personal goals and tracking progress members will also develop friendships with other athletes from all across Anchorage who share the same commitment to fitness.  Members will improve their skills, endurance and strength and prepare for upcoming seasons in cross country skiing through our competitive year-round training program which has produced some of the most successful youth and masters athletes in the country. While Jan started AWS as a place to have fun and get people skiing, it has grown into one of the most successful clubs in the country with many National Champions and now a historic first World Junior Champion!

Our mission is to help cross country skiers achieve their goals in fitness and competition whether local, national or international.

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