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Community Support


We carry our mission out into Anchorage and the surrounding communities by helping with activities such as trail improvements, race crew support, wax clinics and other annual community service events. Additionally, we recognize that AWS athletes are not just skiers, but developing human beings who can learn the importance of serving the community  from which they receive so much benefit.

When possible we assist on a needs basis, non-AWS skiers who have reached national and international levels of competition.  This aid might be financial, informational, or it might take some other form.

Booster Club


The parents of youth skiers and adult members of AWS have formed the Alaska Winter Stars Booster Club. 

The purpose is to:

Support Alaska Winter Stars cross-country skiers by:

-raising funds for scholarships, travel expenses and equipment

-assisting all, from beginning to top-level athletes in achieving their highest levels of development

Support the Alaska Winters Stars organization by:

-providing logistical support for related activities o maintaining clear and active communications both within the organization and the larger community

Support our community by:

-working to enhance outdoor recreation in Anchorage o providing needed assistance to Alaska cross country skiers at the national level and beyond

AWS Skier Support:

AWS raises funds for a variety of purposes including the following:

-scholarships for young athletes who might wish to join our program but cannot for financial reasons

-purchasing items such as wax clothing, space rental, other equipment

-enabling support for our AWS juniors and seniors who are competing at national and international events

-sometimes assisting AWS members with the cost of entry fees, travel arrangements, organizational fees, etc.

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