JWCH & Besh Cup Recap

What a weekend we had! On Saturday Gus Schumacher anchored the US relay team win a historic second place at the Junior World Championship in Goms, Switzerland. We are all so proud of Gus’s incredible performance as the anchor leg and the entire US relay team for their achievement. This is the first US boys relay medal and best ever relay finish for the USA at JWCH. For more details please read a great article on the fasterskier web page: http://fasterskier.com/fsarticle/saturday-rundown-relay-silver-u-s-men-loomis-4th-final-noco-event/ Relay Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoIY8J-8-LM&t=0s This isn’t the first time that AWS skiers have made history overseas. In 2009, AWS skiers Andrew

2018 Juniors World Championship

What an exciting week the AWS skiers had at Juniors World Championship at Goms, Switzerland. 17 years old Gus Schumacher was 19th at freestyle sprint, 17th 10km classic and 15th 10/10km skiathon. After hard 3 races he was able to bring US relay team from 4th to 2nd historic place and brought home Silver medal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoIY8J-8-LM&t=19s Molly Gellert was 18th /Freestyle sprint and her relay team got 8th Congratulations Thank you Glenn Gellert for the pictures

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