Fondo Italia-Gus Schumacher /Jan Buron

BACKGROUND - We discover Gus Schumacher, the boy who came from Alaska to amaze the world of cross-country. ShareFacebookTwitterPrintWhatsAppEmail Thanks to the valuable contribution of his coach Jan Buron, let's get to know the Alaskan Gus Schumacher recently winner of two historic gold medals at the World Junior Championships for the nation with stars and stripes. On May 1st of last year, the then nineteen-year-old Gus Schumacher , when resuming training in view of the new 2019-20 season, had written in capital letters at the top of the first page of his training diary the following objective: “WIN WORLD JUNIORS! ! " Every day, from there to this March, he would open the diary to record the

2020 Junior Nationals, Trukee, CA

The AWS skiers had good first day at Juniors National at Truckee, CA Classic interval start: Alexander Maurer got 2nd in U18 (2nd overall with U18/20), Joel Power 6th U18 (6th overall U18/20, Hayden Ulbrich-27 and Aaron Maves -53 Tatum Witter was 9th in U18, Neena Brubaker -11, Quincy Donley -29 U16-girls: Meredith Schwartz -11, Sammy Legate-52 and Tarja Latva-Kiskola-58 U16 - boys: Aaron Power 3rd, and our 8 grader Bake Hanley was 57th.

2020 JWCH

Congratulations to Gus Schumacher, who took 7th place in the freestyle sprint at JWCH He was first in the qualifying round.

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