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2019-20 Besh Cups

It was another good Besh Cup weekend for our skiers. Saturday was a mass start skate race at Kincaid and Sunday was a mass start classic race at GPRA. Both races were on challenging courses and AWS showed their grit in head-to-head races. AWS skiers won overall for the Besh Cup series in 5 categories: Miya Kam-Magruber(U12), Jack Levegue (U12), Heidi Schumacher (U14), Murphy Kimball (U14), Aaron Power(U16), Joel Power (U18) and Alison Arians (M).

16 AWS skiers qualified for Team Alaska for 2020 Junior Nationals in Truckee, CA, and 8 for Team Alaska for Arctic Winter Games in Whitehorse, Canada.

2020 JN Team Alaska: Meredith Schwartz, Sammy Legate, Tarja Latva-Kiskola, Aaron Power, Mark Eggener, Skyler Amy, Blake Hanley(alt), Quincy Donley, Tatum Witter, Neena Brubaker, Gus Schumacher, Alexander Maurer, Joel Power, Aaron Maves, Carter Brubaker, Hayden Ulbrich, Eli Hermanson

2020 AWG Team Alaska: Heidi Schumacher, Maddy Reckmeyer, Murphy Kimball, Elias Soule, Robin Miller, Zoe Chang, Mina Hancock, Kelly Martin

Carter Brubaker and Skyler Amy have qualified for Team Alaska in Nordic Combined, and will be racing in Colorado.

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